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W§tchcraft is real — Relationship expert says, as he narrates how a househelp was responsible for her boss’ marital cr#sis

Relationship expert has revealed that w§tchcraft is real, as he narrated how a househelp was responsible for her boss marital cr#sis.

He said this while sharing a story of a couple whose relationship has lasted for 12 years with three kids but were separated diabolically by their househelp.

The househelp got in about 8 month ago, while she was there, the wife underwears, shoes  and dress began to miss but she didn’t took it seriously because they were a blessed couple while the husband was dreaming of having s*x with the maid since she came him.

One day, the husband just woke up and said he was tired of his wife and children and left with maid, she has to tell the church to help with prayers to break the spell.

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