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How I almost [email protected]@ped in my pants on my way to Abeokuta — Actress Lilian Afegbai

Actress Lilian Afegbai has revealed how she almost [email protected]@ped in her pants on her way to Abeokuta.

She said she has her most embarrassing moment sometimes not long ago, when she was purging and she was to travel by road  from Benin to Abeokuta by road. So she has to arrange for car for the trip.

Before the trip, she has to go to the toilet because her stomach was acting funny and on the  journey she was farting  but had to apologize to the driver.  As they approach Okada the stomach upset began and she has to beg the driver to stop if he does not want her to mess his car. So the driver stop and she went inside the busy to [email protected]@p meanwhile it was raining at the same time

After this she has to beg God to help hold on till she reach Abeokuta, so God made her sleep and on waking up, she was in Abeokuta and she immediately enter a pharmacy to buy the needed drugs.

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