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5-yr-old boy narrowly escapes [email protected] after a [email protected] inj¥ry by the escalator at the Lagos Airport. Mom vows to sue – Instablog9ja

A 5-year-old boy has narrowly escaped [email protected] after a life [email protected] inj¥ry by the escalator at the Lagos airport.

The woman said she has travelled everywhere in the world with her children using escalator at the airport but has warned her children against using it in Nigeria because it’s not safe.

She has [email protected] to sue the government because of the bad state of the escalator that fell her, however someone came to the rescue of her 5- year old son while her 9 year boy jumped over the railings and was held by passengers due to a sharp edge of the escalator that has caused inj¥ry to them.

Despite the injury they sustained, nobody attended to them it took up to 40 minutes of shouting from her husband who was also inj¥red in the process before they could be attended too.


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